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High-Quality, Low-Cost Spay/Neuter (HQHVSN)

Our veterinarians are experts and specialize in spay and neuter surgeries. As a nonprofit organization, our sole purpose is to make affordable services accessible for all pet owners.


Why use a clinic like ours? We are HQHVSN... read below to understand more:

Most spay-neuter clinics set a high-volume goal to fulfill their missions. A typical HQHVSN veterinarian performs 30 or more surgeries daily. Note that the Q always comes before the V, but they are not mutually exclusive. At first it might seem that achieving high surgical numbers might come at a cost of patient safety, but a recent report found the opposite to be true. Peri-operative mortality in a HQHVSN clinic was approximately one-tenth the mortality rate reported for private practices that perform a broader scope of services. This likely is due to the continuous refinement of techniques and protocols based on a high level of narrowly focused experience. In addition, teams that specialize in a limited spectrum of procedures develop higher proficiency levels in those tasks.

Surgeon and team experience is part of the explanation, but it has also been shown that the consecutive repetition of specific procedures, without interruption by other procedures, is an independent predictor of reduced mortality in human surgery.

What you get when you bring us your pet for spay/neuter:

  • Some restrictions may apply, but your ability to pay is not one of them.

  • Pet Savers staff members are caring, compassionate, and well-trained.

  • All pets are monitored throughout recovery and receive adequate pain control.

  • We use dissolving sutures so no return visit is necessary.

  • Animals 7 years or older are required to get pre-surgical blood work prior to surgery. This cannot be done the day of. You must schedule a minimum of 48 hours prior to the pet's appointment. 

  • All animals go home the same day of surgery.

  • Certain breed sensitivities, ages, health issues, or behaviors may require alternative anesthesia. This means additional charges to you.

    • Behavior dogs are those that are difficult to handle (scared, kennel aggressive, animal aggressive, lunging, growling etc.). We are a fear-free certified clinic so we will do our best to make them feel welcome and comfortable. This might mean owner help and participation!

  • Regardless of the type of dog you have, we’ll work with you to provide affordable options to meet your pet's needs. 

  • All healthy dogs over the age of four to five (4-5) months and healthy cats weighing at least two (2) pounds are eligible for surgery. 

All patients receive the following:

  • Pre-surgery exam

  • Sedation 

  • Pain Medication

  • General Anesthesia

  • Close monitoring during and post surgery

  • Tattoo on tummy

  • Post-surgery snack

  • Complimentary nail trim

  • Love and attention while in our care


Surgeries are by appointment only - click schedule now at the top of the page. ​

Only feral or community cats, in live humane traps, are permitted for walk-in surgeries.

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All of our medical staff is proud to be partners with the ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance. ASPCA Spay/Neuter Alliance hosts trainings at their facility in North Carolina in addition to providing virtual training/consulting options, and open access to resources for any organization that provides high quality, high volume spay/neuter. We have decades of experience in ways to increase our efficiency and staff communication while accommodating the well-being of each patient at our spay/neuter clinic. Our veterinarians are highly skilled in knowing just how to cater anesthesia and drug protocols to specific breeds and higher risk patients. 

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