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Babies Having Babies - The Importance of Kitten Spay

Updated: Jul 24, 2020

Fluffy, cuddly, purr-powered love machines--kittens. When welcoming one of these sweeties into our family, the first question we ask ourselves is NOT when they'll enter sexual maturity. Sadly, it is much earlier than any of us are ready for. As much as animal care professionals would hope that pet owners would arm themselves with critical knowledge prior to opening their home to a new pet, the reality is cat owners are not always well prepared.

Knowledge is power in this situation. Cat owners need to know how best to protect their new furball from unwanted pregnancy, disease, and other health complications. One of the best ways to protect your new family member is to get her spayed sooner rather than later.

They're not rabbits, but they are prolific.

Your sweet little kitten is likely going to be sexually mature well before you would think. A cat goes through her first heat cycle when she reaches around 80% of her mature body weight- this can occur as early as four months of age! Animals are not humans. Cats will mate with their relations and littermates. This makes it especially important to spay and neuter those two kittens you brought home together.

Why spaying early is so important.

Most of us have heard veterinarians have recommended spaying and neutering pets around six months of age. For cats, however, this is not early enough to prevent pregnancy. Pet Savers recommends spaying and neutering at 2 lbs in weight or approximately 10 weeks.

Good reasons to spay early include:

  • Reducing risk of developing breast cancer later in life

  • Reducing the risk of developing pyometra (uterine infection)

  • Eliminating early pregnancy (especially outdoor cats or multi-cat homes)

  • Reducing undesirable behaviors like yowling and marking territory

  • Decreasing recovery time (more mature cats take a bit longer)

  • Reducing initial cost (mature cats weigh more and can have other complications, increasing the cost)

  • You get the benefits of spaying your kitten MUCH EARLIER

Modern anesthesia makes surgery for your small kitten safer than ever. Spaying your kitten makes sure that you are doing your part to alleviate this problem.

Pet Savers is proud to have the expertise, facility, and compassion that it takes to provide low-cost, high-quality services to all of our patients. Our veterinarians' extensive experience allows us to confidently handle almost every complication that may arise in animals from pediatric to geriatric. We understand how critical quality care is for your pet and stress the importance of responsible pet ownership. This is why it is our mission to make spay/neuter and vaccine services affordable for all in our community. We hope that you will allow us to care for your furry family members.

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