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(509)326-6670 Pet Emergency

- Keep your pet as calm as possible for the next 7-10 days. LIMIT activity.


- Do NOT let them outdoors for the first 24 hours except to go potty.


- Keep them on their regular diet, small snacks are recommended the          night of surgery. Their appetite should return gradually.


- Keep the incision site dry. Check it twice daily and call with any                  concerns.There should not be drainage. Mild bruising, redness and or        swelling might occur but this should be minimal. 


- Do NOT allow your pet to lick or chew at the incision!


- Keep in heat females away from males for at least two (2) weeks.


- Look out for complications and call us with any concerns!!

- Free post-surgical rechecks are allowed up until 2 weeks after your pet's sterilization. Once that 14 day recovery period has passed, rechecks are $15. Please call us immediately if you have cause for concern. 


Click the post-operative instructions for full details