Before Spay/Neuter


Following Washington State COVID-19 guidelines we are requiring masks inside the clinic and when social distancing is not possible. We are currently allowing 2 people in the clinic at a time due to social distancing requirements, and we continue to ask that you leave your pets in the vehicle until registered and instructed to bring them inside.


Surgeries are performed Tuesday through Saturday by appointment only.

To make an appointment for your pet, please call us at 509-924-7826.

  • ALL drop-offs are between 7 AM - 8:30 AM the morning of your appointment.

  • If you are unable to make your appointment and do not provide 24-hour notice of cancellation or reschedule, you may lose your reservation fee.

  • Community Cats (Ferals) are the only drop-offs allowed. CURRENTLY accepting five (5) per day so GET HERE EARLY


Cats must come in secure carriers or live humane traps. Please ensure that your cat is comfortable while waiting for its turn for surgery. No treats/food in carriers, as we want your pet to have an empty stomach. Please, no litter boxes in carriers, as this causes additional debris to be stuck to your pet’s fur or incision site after surgery. Pet Savers sells cardboard carriers for $7 + tax, which can be purchased in advance of your appointment or at the time of drop-off or pick-up. If your cat can only be handled by you on a regular basis, then additional caution fees may be assessed. 

All community cats (ferals) are to arrive in a humane trap. These are available for rent at Pet Savers, in advance, with a $75 deposit.

Dogs must be brought in on a secure leash. Retractable leashes should be kept at a short, locked length. Collars should be checked for tightness to avoid the pet slipping out of it. We ask that all pets remain in your vehicle during check-in. Please be sure to keep your dog close to your side when asked to bring them in the building, as this environment can be stressful/exciting for a pet, and safety for all animals and humans is our priority. If your dog is known to be aggressive with other animals or humans, please utilize an appropriate size muzzle, and have it on your pet before entering the building. Petco, PetSmart, and other pet stores can help you find the appropriate muzzle for your dog. 


Please withhold all food after midnight the night before your pet’s appointment. Water is ok to leave out. If your pet accidentally gets a small amount of food on the day of surgery, discuss with staff upon arrival. If a full meal was eaten, or other factors are involved, staff will need to be alerted as they will need to alter the surgical schedule to accommodate. A full meal can pose a serious problem while the pet is under anesthetic, should they regurgitate. This can block air passageways and/or cause aspiration.


You may want to give your pet a bath prior to coming in for surgery, as we will request that you do not bathe your pet for 10-14 days after surgery. If your pet’s fur is currently caked with mud or the hair is matted, you may want to go to a groomer prior to surgery. Pet Savers staff will shave the belly and genital regions only and will utilize a clinical scrub and wash in those areas. However, Pet Savers will not be bathing or grooming your pet prior to surgery. 


Check-in can take 20-40 minutes to complete paperwork and move through the line, similar to a human medical facility. Please allow yourself enough time for this process or make arrangements with someone who fully knows the pet’s medical history, who can assist you with drop off and completion of paperwork. You may have to make arrangements with your personal job to come to work later and/or take off early.

Please ensure numbers you can be contacted are accurately on file while your pet is with us, as we may have very important questions for you regarding your pet. Not all of Pet Savers’ phone lines show up with the phone number 509-924-7826, and some staff may utilize the clinic cell phone to contact you, therefore, please answer unknown calls on the day of surgery.

Please know, if you send someone in your place to check-in or pick up your pet, they are acting as your agent and are signing documentation on your behalf. We will be asking a lot of additional questions about your pet at check-in, therefore, it’s important that your agent knows your pet well. Utilize trusted individuals for this, as any services or items that are requested or declined by your agent will or will not be performed and you are responsible for all charges the day services are rendered. Please be available, via telephone, if your agent is unsure of all your wishes.


It is very important to disclose pre-existing conditions and/or complications, such as:  heart murmur; blood condition; neurological condition; prior negative reaction to anesthetic or surgery; disease or major illness/injury which requires special ongoing attention. If your pet is currently taking medications (including flea/tick type of treatments), please provide a full list of these medications so that we can determine if your pet is an appropriate candidate for surgery with Pet Savers' protocols. Please inform us about all oral meds and also any eye, ear, or skin ointments that are currently being used. Some medications can interact with the drugs that we utilize during surgery. A customer representative can discuss these medications with you when setting an appointment.


Pet Savers cannot be held responsible for complications resulting from pre-existing conditions not discussed with staff prior to surgery, age or health-related issues brought on by the surgery, or for contagious diseases/parasites for which the animal was not previously vaccinated/treated for prior to coming to our facility.