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Ballsy Approach to Controlling Cat Population Pays off!

Pet Savers Spokane took a ballsy approach to help cat owners control feline populations by offering free neutering for 150 cool male cats during their fifth annual “Testicle Festival” on October 3, 2023 and it was a huge success. 


We completed 141 FREE neuters on 10/3 (one spay oops), 73 FREE rabies vaccines, 21 microchips and had $2693.65 donated to our non-profit. These donations are being turned into a new grant program that will allow additional spay and neuter surgeries at a low cost.   


We are hyper aware of the current shelter overcrowding and euthanizations happening. More than 3.2 million cats enter shelters across the U.S. each year, and only 2.1 million are adopted or returned to their home.  Inland Northwest/Spokane is no exception.      


So much of this is due to a lack of cats and dogs being spayed/neutered and microchipped! Affordable veterinary care is sparse to so many owners, we are doing all that we can to bridge that gap. To date, Pet Savers has completed 105,525 sterilizations. This year alone we are at 5,598 since the end of September.  

The initiative is just one of the ways Pet Savers has been working with the Give Them TenTM movement and their way-too-cool mascot, Scooter the Neutered CatTM to increase spay/neuter efforts.  


Playfully catty and gonad-free, Scooter has been on a mission to build a better world by spreading the word about low-cost spay/neuter to help build cat-caring communities across the U.S.  Introduced in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 2013, ScooterTM has remained an essential and memorable part of Give Them TenTM, a nonprofit movement funded by The Joanie Bernard Foundation. 


ScooterTM is helping Pet Savers market/publicize the event and offering ScooterTM It’s Hip to be SnippedTM T-shirts.  

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