All healthy dogs over the age of four to five (4-5) mo and healthy cats weighing at least two (2) pounds are eligible for surgery. 

Animals receive the following:

- Pre-surgery exam

- Sedation 

- Pain Medication

- General Anesthesia

- Spay/Neuter surgery performed by a licensed veterinarian 

- Tattoo on tummy

- Post surgery snack

- Love and attention while in our care

Surgeries are by appointment only! Only feral or community cats, in live humane traps, are permitted for walk-in surgeries.

A deposit is required to book every surgery 

Services and Fees

Neuter    $49

Spay       $69

Community Cat Program   $25

 (The community cat program is NOT for house cats. This program is for feral and free-roaming cats only. They will receive the spay/neuter surgery, rabies and fvrcp vaccine, ear tip (required) and tattoo).


Neuter       50 lbs   $77

             51-60 lbs   $87

             61-70 lbs   $97

             71-80 lbs   $107

             81-90 lbs   $117

           91-100 lbs   $127

     *Price continues to go up $10 for every additional 10 lbs

Spay          50 lbs   $87

             51-60 lbs   $97

             61-70 lbs   $107

             71-80 lbs   $117

             81-90 lbs   $127

           91-100 lbs   $137

       *Price continues to go up $10 for every additional 10 lbs



Feline Pregnancy*     $20 (early term) - $40 (late term)

Canine Pregnancy*   $30 (early term) - $50 (late term)

Feline Cryptorchid (undecended testicle)   $30 - $50

Canine Cryptorchid (undecended testicle)  $40 - $75

Brachycephalic (any breed with a "squished" nose)  $35

Senior (7+ yrs)*   $35 + 

High-Risk*           $35 + 

Frontline spray (fast-acting flea medication)** $5+ 

                    *Additional charges may apply if they are medically necessary for the safety of the animal.

                      This is determined by our licensed veterinarian

                   **Frontline spray is mandetory if fleas noted in surgical area

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