Walk-In Vaccine Clinic

Every Saturday*  10 a.m. - 2 p.m.


          *If the vaccine clinic is canceled, we will give as                much notice as possible via social media.


Services offered:

- Vaccines

- Microchips

- Parasite treatments


$10 brief exam is required for every pet during our walk-in clinic. Unaltered pets are welcome but a $40 fee will be charged if they are over 6mo of age.

Click here for more details on our unaltered policy.

Feline Basics

FVRCP                                         $12

Rabies                                         $10

Feline Leukemia                    $25 

(FIV/FeLV test highly recommended prior to vaccination $28)

Microchipping                        $24

(includes registration)

Flea/Earmite treatment   $16+

Deworming                              $5+ ​

Canine Basics

DAPP                                           $12

Rabies                                        $10

Lepto                                          $16 

Bordetella                                $16

Microchipping                        $24

(includes registration)

Flea/tick treatment            $16+

Deworming                              $5+ ​

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